Rocker Bogie Mars Rover

The rocker-bogie design has no springs or stub axles for each wheel, allowing the rover to climb over obstacles (such as rocks) that are up to twice the wheel’s diameter in size while keeping all six wheels on the ground. As with any suspension system, the tilt stability is limited by the height of the center of gravity. Systems using springs tend to tip more easily as the loaded side yields. Based on the center of mass, the Curiosity rover of the Mars Science Laboratory mission can withstand a tilt of at least 45 degrees in any direction without overturning, but automatic sensors limit the rover from exceeding 30-degree tilts.
The system is designed to be used at slow speed of around 10 centimetres per second (3. 9 in/s) so as to minimize dynamic shocks and consequential damage to the vehicle when surmounting sizable obstacles.

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