Up Close Pics of Earth’s Moon Dark Side

Roy Firestone been the subject of extensive criticism regarding what has been characterized as a “softball” and “chummy” 1992 ESPN interview with O. J. Simpson (or, as he called Simpson in the interview, “Juice”) during which he asserted that Simpson’s January 1989 arrest and subsequent conviction for beating his wife, Nicole, unfairly distorted Simpson’s reputation to the point that Simpson was portrayed by the press as “the bad guy” merely for having “a little bit too much to drink. ” He further expressed his annoyance with the press’ reports of Simpson’s arrest and conviction for beating Nicole because the press, in reporting the facts, had the temerity to portray Simpson as “a wife beater” (the offense for which he was convicted). He then gave Simpson a free pass to downplay the criminal beating of Nicole and characterize it as an argument that got a “little loud,” asserting that he and Nicole were “both guilty. ” These assertions, which were contrary to the public record, were not only unchallenged by Firestone, but were actively encouraged and endorsed by him. This criticism was renewed upon the release of the documentary OJ: Made In America which included an excerpt from the interview in which Firestone expresses these sentiments and where the “chumminess” is apparent. Firestone has recently expressed remorse for how he handled the interview, stating, “The Simpson interview is one of the most tragic examples of how the media (including me) and the public trusted and accommodated their heroes, believing their mythology and perpetuating their deification. ”

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